Providing Protection wall of wire crate for Discharge pipe and laying of RCC NP3 900 mm Dia Pipe for disposal of effluent from CETP after treatment at Sirsa River.


Providing Protection wall of wire crate for Discharge pipe and laying of RCC NP3 900 mm Dia Pipe for disposal of effluent from CETP after treatment at Sirsa River.


Skill Development Center

Operating Center for Skill Development and Upgradation centre to provide training to workers of the industries and to unemployed youth

Development of infrastructure projects

Projects such as Waste Water Collection System and Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), widening, strengthening and improvement of roads.

Other Objectives

Other objects that are incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objects, are described here.

Objects incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objects

  1. To promote and create a facility for environment in which enterprise/firms can gain competitive advantages to enhance productivity and aggressively market themselves in the global economy.

  2. To promote and undertake studies concerning the evolution, development, modification, improvement and evaluation of technologies for the purpose of training of members, development and expansion of market, working of members in association, Company management of markets, commercial and industrial, in different parts of the world and to make efforts to propagate the same all over the world.

  3. To offer the local industries an opportunity to participate in international forum and networks, encourage the creation of standards, to provide high priority to efficiency enhancement policies of institutional arrangements thereby attracting, materializing the major investments in the area.

  4. To create a conductive ground for the development of inter-enterprises co-operation among public and private local institution to promote local production, innovation and collective learning.

  5. To make efforts to establish a more sustainable and resilient Industrial environment to increase employments and economic empowerment.

  6. To combine the market knowledge and expertise with the infrastructure and HRD support from Government to prepare the industries to face the challenge of global market place.

  7. To promote innovation and collective learning creating suitable customized infrastructure support and service network.

  8. To promote product design and development through focused support and association with specific research and Development Institutions.

  9. To undertake and carry on research and development work and to own, establish , maintain laboratories, workshops, experiment centers, assist , subsidize any Government, Semi-Government ,Private, Universities for scientific and other research work and inventions by providing or contributing to the remuneration research, scientific or technical professors, teachers for technical researches, providing or contributing to the awards, prizes, scholarships, grants, sponsorships to students or others.

Members Corner

Common Effluent Treatment Plant – (CEPT)

  1. CETP – Treatment Charges from April 2017
  2. CETP – Operator Change Information April 2017

     Please see details on CETP page here

News Letter

Baddi Technical Training Institute – GST Training Course

BTTI is starting GST TrainingCourse for Industry Employees in 4th week of April, 2018
and other courses at BTTI
Please see the details at Btti Website.

Common Effluent Treatment Plant – (CEPT)

Industrial contribution formula See details here

Baddi Technical Training Institute Admissions 2017

Applications for admissions to various courses at BTTI are invited. Please see the details of here

Board of Directors

About Baddi Infrastructure

Baddi Infrastructure has been got incorporated as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of BBN Industries Association under the Companies Act 1956,as per Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signed With BBN Development Authority, for implementation of projects sanctioned under recast Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation  Scheme (IIUS) of Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry , Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). This SPV Was got incorporated on 6th of May 2010 and was got converted as a Section-25 Company under the Companies Act, 1956 on 21st of september 2010 as per guidelines of Ministry of Commerce and industry.

The Minister of Commerce & Industry sanctioned projects for Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries Cluster of Baddi and Barotiwala of Himachal Pardesh which is as under:-

1. Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) of 25 MLD

2. Skill Development Center-now named as Baddi Technical Training Institute (BTTI)

3.Widening & Strengthening of three Roads measuring 13.74 kms